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We perform iontophoresis at home

2017-10-05 22:05:42

Hardware cosmetology is the next stage in the development of cosmetology, as a science of beauty and health. With the help of various physical effects on the body - heat, cold, laser radiation, electric current, vacuum - cosmetologists successfully slow down the aging of the body, struggle with excessive weight, various skin problems. Most cosmetology devices are suitable only for salon applications, but there are also such devices that you can buy for home use. One of these devices is an apparatus for carrying out iontophoresis at home.

The principle of iontophoresis and indications for its use

If we translate the term "ionophoresis" into an understandable language, then we get the following phrase: transportation (delivery) of ions. This procedure is based on the impact of a peculiar complex - electric current plus medicinal or cosmetic preparations - on the skin of the face or the whole body.

In the twentieth century, after prolonged studies of the iontophoresis procedure (it is also called electrophoresis or galvanization), it has been proven that a current of low strength and strain acts on the cell membrane, changing its properties. Under its influence, the permeability of the skin is increased, the main metabolism is activated and the regeneration processes are started.

If an electric current is used not as a monoprocedure, but in combination with certain preparations, the formation of ion particles with the plus sign takes place. Ions, penetrating the skin layers to a depth of up to 5 mm, serve as a kind of conductors for the active components of cosmetic products. Thus, a depot of substances is formed in the dermis of the skin, which gradually penetrate into all cells and improve their work.

With the help of iontophoresis, it is possible not only to administer medicinal substances, but also to remove dead cells, surpluses of sebum and particles of mud. For this, the skin is treated with alkaline solutions and galvanized.

For the iontophoresis procedure, an anode or cathode of an electrolytic ion is used. The anode is necessary for the introduction of acid solutions into the skin, designed to strengthen the skin tissues, normalize the microcirculation, relax the stress areas. Most often, a positively charged manipulator is used to narrow the pores, remove redness after various cosmetic procedures, swelling and foci of inflammation.

With the help of the cathode, alkaline solutions are introduced, which soften the skin, improve the blood flow in it, activate the nerve endings. Most often, the procedure is performed to improve the condition of mature or oily skin.

In addition to local exposure, home iontophoresis also has a general effect on the human body. Electric current also stimulates the nerve endings that are in the skin tissues. Electrical impulses reach the brain, providing a calming effect and improving overall health.

The procedure is carried out to achieve the following results:

Reduce the large and small wrinkles in the upper and lower eyelid, around the lips and around the neck. Achieve additional tissue hydration, cure sweaty hands and feet Prevent the development of cellulite. Clean the skin from toxins and free radicals. By activating the blood flow and improving the lymph drainage, get rid of the bags under the eyes. Make the skin supple, smooth, give it a good tone and a pleasant color. Deliver in the tissues of a maximum of useful nutrients, which is especially important in the winter. Maximize the severity of small scars or scars. The algorithm for conducting iontophoresis at home

Fundamental rules

If you decide to perform iontophoresis at home, without consulting a specialist, remember a few basic rules:

Cosmetic products used during galvanizing should be water-based only. The use of products containing fat emulsions is strictly prohibited.

For a specific electrode charge (positive or negative), there is a list of cosmetics. Substances with charge "+" are introduced by a positive electrode, with charge "-" - negative. Use one-component preparations, alternating courses (for example, a course of vitamin C (10 sessions), then a course of hyaluronic acid (also 10 sessions) .In the first place, with one-component preparations it is easier to avoid the side effect. Secondly, as iontophoresis in the skin If the choice is made in favor of a cocktail, then its composition should include the minimum amount of monopreparations (optimally 3) with the same polarity. Preparations

If you use an anode during iontophoresis, then it is worth to familiarize yourself with the list of preparations intended specifically for a positively charged electrode:

Extract or juice of aloe.

Vitamins B1, B12, tocopherol acetate (vitamin E).


Healing mud.

Copper sulphate.

Physiological saline (0.9% solution of sodium chloride).

Zinc sulfate.

Zinc hyaluronate.

For the negatively charged electrode, the following substances are suitable:


Uniothiol or Ithiol (contain sulfur).

Sodium salicylate.

Nicotinic acid (diluted with water 1: 1).

Water-soluble hydrocortisone succinate.

Ascorbic acid (diluted with water 1: 1).

Hyaluronic acid.

Caffeine (sodium benzonate) - can work, both on "+" and on "-".

Also, special charged cosmetics for iontophoresis are used (for example, cocktails made by Beauty Style), non-woven water-based masks impregnated with appropriate solutions: hyaluronic acid, collagen, placental masks (sales leader at the moment is the Chinese brand DIZAO).


The procedure begins with a preliminary cleaning of the treated area. This can be done both with the help of certain cleansing agents (alcohol), and with the help of anaphoresis - galvanic disinfestation. Anaphoresis promotes loosening of the epidermis, increasing its permeability for active components of cosmetic preparations.

To conduct the disinfection, a clean cloth mask, impregnated with soda solution (1 glass of purified soda) is used. We impose the mask on 20 minutes and we act on it with a negative charge, leading the electrode along the massage lines. At the end of the disinfestation to restore the ph skin, we change the polarity to "+" and treat the skin for a couple of minutes. In order for the electric current to have its positive effect, it is necessary to choose high-quality equipment Iontophoresis machine.

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